Guzzi Power Upside Down Fork Cap Extensions
Before and after....



Stock fork cap compared to Guzzi Power fork cap Extension


Guzzi Power fork cap extensions screw into the top of your existing Upside Down Forks.

These fork cap extenders add 30mm or more length to the top of your Upside Down Forks. Older forks are usually longer in length compared to newer USD forks, which removes a significant portion of your rake and trail. These fork caps will return you to reasonable steering geometry ...otherwise, your bike will be unstable and potentially dangerous to ride.

These caps are essential if you are adapting newer Upside Down superbike forks to you older vintage bike. In the case shown, 2006 GSXR forks were afdapted to a 1980 Suzuki GS1000.
Caps shown are for 2006 GSXR600 forks. Extensions for other modern forks made to order.

Because these are all custom, one- off units, they are $600/pair and up.

for information, contact
Ed Milich