Guzzi Tattoos by Ed Milich
The tattoo is a millennia-old tradition whose ideals are deep-rooted in the human experience. Riders of one other prominent motorcycle company are well known for wearing this indelible image of dedication to their chosen mount. Moto Guzzi-related tattoos, however, are a rare and special thing. Below are some images that represent the lifelong dedication of a select few individuals to the Moto Guzzi marque.

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Slavomír Musílek
Czech Rebublic
Tadeusz Cieslik
Kraków, Poland
Woody in Arizona
Chris Gaspardis
(Riding Uncle Tony's Lemans III)
Mark Etheridge
Moto Guzzi Classics
Long Beach,California
Sean Fader
Huntington Beach, California

Robert Johnson
MGNOC # 14488
Shelbyville, Indiana
lifted from
fast gurl Melissa Berkoff
flies the eagle
Darren Larcombe
Artwork by Ox, Northern Territory, Australia
Fuzzy from Mountian Wisconsin