V7 Sport Telaio Rosso Engine by Ed Milich
  I was given these photos by a gentleman in the US who owns a doccumented red frame V7 Sport (Telaio Rosso). You've all seen photos of the outside of this precious and rare motorcycle, but how many other websites can provide photos of the inside? Feast your eyes on the fully polished crankshaft and conrods, sand cast engine and transmission cases and other precious parts.
  From the owner, Seth Dorfler: "Yes, this is what the factory nick named the Michael Berliner Special Telaio Rosso (MBS TR). To my knowledge the frame was never red even though it was a chrome-moly frame. I can see the lower legs has red paint under the black, but as for the main part of the frame it has several coats of paint but none were red.The bike was first sent to the US for the Cycle magazines to test.  It was also used as a show bike.  It was then returned to Italy to be freshened up after it's chore as a test bike. While there it was repainted as Michael did not like the original color combo of silver frame and red tank/took boxes.  The bike was returned to the states painted black on black.  What stands out on this bike besides the sand casts is the tank markings. It has silver mylar with embossed Moto Guzzi and eagles. The tool boxes have silver mylar initials MB on them. I purchased the bike from Michael Berliner. The frame number is within the 150 which started at VK*11111* and the engine number is very low as well. As a matter of fact it is many numbers below the number used in V7 Sport owner's manual."