V11 Sport/Buell Turn Signal Cross Reference

    I recently noticed that the Buell blast has the same type turn signal assembly as my V11 Rosso. The only difference is that the Buell lens is clear with an orange insert while the Guzzi is orange. Both are from the same supplier in Italy. Since I tend to break these fragile pieces often, I fitted the Buell parts (at $1.50 ea.). The ones at the Guzzi dealer are $12.00 ea. The stalks look the same but attach differently, so just buy the lenses not the whole assembly.


My son recently visited with his BMW 650 single.  He had two broken turn signals with tie-wrap bodged repairs.  I quickly noted that, although the lens oval shape was slightly different, the plastic bases appeared to be shaped and designed identical to those hanging off my Aprilia Scooter and my Guzzi Centauro.  A quick look inside verified that wiring and connectors are all uniform throughout.  Hmmm, three brands with the same base unit and only slight variations in the lens oval.  Perhaps there is something universal or cheaper in the aftermarket.  My local "all brand" repair shop didn't have anything similar, but directed me to the Buell shop down the road.

I don't know what Guzzi charges for Centauro turn signals, but the BMW place wanted $19 each for these signals.  The EXACT IDENTICAL MADE-IN-ITALY Buell part from a 1999 Cyclone is $4.95.  (BTW, there are two part numbers.  They fit LF-RR or RF-LR. The two versions are required due to moisture drain holes cast into the bottom.  Common in turn signal design.)  Well, the Buell guy only had one and I was going to order a second.  My son would have to wait a little longer for the repair.  As I turned around, I noticed another Buell on the floor that had similar turn signals but the bases were ENTIRELY RUBBER and flexible all over the place.  Wow, no more worries about bumping into them in the garage when you take out the trash.  What a concept.  Well, how much for those?  $4.95 each and I have a set of four.  Done deal.

There are some very minor mounting differences between the rigid plastic base version and the very flexible rubber base version. The rigid ones are a direct replacement bolt on whereas you need just a very little Dremel tool creativity to modify the rubberized ones.  I think, with a little more design thought, that these very same units will also mount on the EV as well.  Certainly worth $5 to experiment.  The rigid plastic version has an amber lens.  The rubberized version has a darkish smoke lens with another amber plastic inside.  They do not appear amber until you energize them.  They seem adequately bright for me and certainly bright enough to pass the DOT. I did not note the Buell part numbers for the rigid, direct replacement version as I didn't buy those.  Just ask for parts for a '99 Cyclone if that is what you want.  The Buell part numbers for the rubberized turn signals are:
Y0503.02A8 for LF and RR. Y0504-02A8 for RF and LR.

Patrick Hayes