Racebike Arsenal
Ed’s First racer, this 1977 Lemans has won races at Willow Springs, Thunderhill and elsewhere.  It now sports an big roundfin 82mm x 90 mm motor, and its been relegated mostly to test mule status. It features 17” wire wheels F/R with radial race tires. It also features period Marzocchi 38mm forks, and a Guzzitech braced and clearanced swingarm.

1978 Lemans

This V65 started out as a $600 heap, and as a V65C (cruiser) no less. It’s now won races at Daytona two years in a row and continues to dominate in its class.  Engine and entire power plant were given a complete performance rebuild before race commissioning. It’s light (~300 lbs), relatively powerful (53hp) and very effective.
1982 V65 Racer
The mildest bike in our fleet, this 30 hp V50 has been ridden and raced at many national events including Sandia, Miler Motorsports, and Willow Springs. It sports a Marzocchi 35mm front end, and Guzzitech tapered roller bearing steering head.
1979 V50 Racer
This is the ultimate incarnation of an Alazurra 650 in terms of weight, power and handling. This machine was simply engineered to win races.  The frame is a handmade monoshocked chrome-moly Verlicchi racing frame. Everything else has been lightened or altered…295 lbs wet and 70 hp.
1981 Ducati Verlicchi Pantah Racer
This Pantah won at Daytona many years in a row, as well as multiple national championships. It was Alice’s old streetbike, which was previously ridden to Canada, Mexico, both the east and west coast of the US. Ed raced this bike in very stock form for about 3 years and the bike still retains many stock items. The frame is completely stock except for rear shock mounts, which have been lowered to raise rear ride height. Front forks are stockish 35mm Marzocchis. Engine is well breathed on...
1980 Ducati Pantah Racer
Alice’s main racebike, this Cagiva Alazurra based racer was featured in magazine articles in Motorcyclist, and Roadracer X. It features upgraded Ohlins rear shocks, 17” wheels running modern radial race tires.
1980 Ducati Pantah Racer